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Bringing our family to you ...

Music City Yorkies started after we lost our wonderful toy poodle, Michelle. We searched for a new puppy to help fill the hole left in our hearts Our first Yorkie, Scarlett, came into our home on Christmas 2012.

She has been a part of our family for over 7 years. We quickly fell in love with this fun, lovable, and boisterous breed and want to share the joy they have brought us with you.



Our dogs are part of our family. They share our home, play with our grandchildren, and vacation with us. For this reason, we care for them the way you will -- with love, care, and concern for their well-being. We do more than breed yorkies. We provide you with your new best friend and member of your family.

All our puppies are healthy and happy before they are sent home with you. They are brought up with high-quality nutrition and vaccinated for their health and protection. We also provide many of the initial necessities for each puppy, including a "Welcome Home Package". In order to support you in this new adventure, we are always available to answer questions and provide information.

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